Energy Boost (B12)

Benefits: Natural energy boost, improve mood & sleep.


Slim Shot (B12+MIC)

Benefits: Fat breakdown & help with weight loss. Increased metabolism & liver detox.


Ultra Slim Shot (B12 + MIC + Carnitine)

Benefits: Advanced fat & weight loss formula. Assist the body to breakdown fat & use for energy. Increased metabolism, better sleep, mental focus & mood.


Performance Boost (GOAL + MIC + L-Carnitine)

Benefits: Increased energy & exercise stamina with quicker recovery time. Increased lean muscle mass.


Fountain of Youth (Glutathione + Vitamin C + B12)

Benefits: Firmer more radiant skin with increased collagen & elastin production. Skin will appear brighter with less dark spots or blemishes. Improves immunity & detox the liver. Enhanced energy & focus.


Perfect Hair/Skin/Nails (Biotin + B12 + Glutathione)

Benefits: Stronger, healthier, increased shine of hair & skin. Help prevent hair loss. Boost energy & less fatigue.


Immunity Boost (Vitamin C, B-Complex, Clutathione)

Benefits: Help to decrease the duration & severity of cold or flu symptoms. Aids the body's immune system in fighting off infections. Antioxidant to remove unwanted toxins & free radicals.


The Ultra "Bees" Shot (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

Benefits: Improved mental focus, boost in immunity & energy, heart health. Increases metabolism.


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