Physician Supervised Medical Weight Loss

Our goal is not only to assist you in losing weight but also to help you maintain your weight loss. Every pound of body fat loss reduces the incidence of medical illnesses including high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and inflammation.

We have several weight loss plans available to assist you in achieving your goals.

Our approach includes prescription and non-prescription medications, supplements, nutritional counseling, and follow-up consultations to ensure success and accountability.

Balanced Bodies Prescription Weight Loss Options


FDA Approved For Weight Loss
(The Game Changer Weight Loss Medication)

The weight-loss medication, Semaglutide, described as a ‘game-changer’ by obesity researchers was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), representing the first time the agency has endorsed such a medication for the treatment of Obesity in almost 10 years.

Semaglutide and other GLP– 1 Antagonist medications have been used for many years as medication for people with type-2 diabetes. Recently, research has shown there were more benefits beyond treating elevated blood sugars. These benefits include drastic weight loss, appetite suppression, loss of cravings and hunger and more.

Study findings demonstrated truly remarkable results. Over 70% of participants lost anywhere from 15-20% of their total body weight. This is over double weight loss than any other FDA approved weight loss medication on the market today.

Benefits of Semaglutide and Exenatide for Weight Loss

● Feel full faster
● Slower digestion through stomach
● Better Sleep Patterns
● Lowers Leptin Levels
● Lowers Blood Sugars
● Diminish Hunger and Cravings
● Lowers A1c levels
● Appetite Suppression

Additional Weight Loss Options

B12/Lipo Injections – $15
Benefits: Increased energy & metabolism, increased fat burning, better sleep & mood, liver detox.

GOAL Fat Burning Injections – $15
This custom blend of 4 amino acids aids in the fat burning processes, regulating blood sugar levels, detoxing the body, & increasing fat-burning.

Medical Weight Loss Program #1 – $125/$200
30 or 60 days prescription only weight loss medication. (Phentermine/7-Keto/Calcium Pyruvate) Medical provider consultation. InBody composition analysis.
Benefits: decreased appetite, more energy, increased fat-burning.

Medical Weight Loss Program #2 – $175/$325

30 or 60 days combo prescription only appetite suppressant (Phentermine/7-Keto/Calcium Pyruvate) plus 4 B12/Lipo Injections. Medical provider consultation. InBody composition analysis.

Medical Weight Loss Program #3 – $200/$350
30 or 60 days combo prescription only medication (Naltrexone/Phentermine/B12). Medical provider consultation & inBody composition analysis. Benefits: increase metabolism, decrease hunger, stop cravings, & boost energy levels.

Nutritionist Consultation – $175
Consultation with a certified nutritionist including meal planning & 30 days of follow up virtual appointment to help with accountability.