InBody Full Body Composition Analysis: Go Beyond The Scale


Muscle-Fat Analysis

Weight is more than just a number. Weight alone is a poor indicator of health and body composition as it does not distinguish fat from muscle. The Inbody 270 concisely shows your exact weight distribution into water, muscle and fat.

Obesity Analysis

BMI is known to be an inaccurate measurement of health status. Recommendations typically tend to focus on your percent body fat. Your Body Fat Percentage measurement allows you to focus on fat loss specifically, instead of weight loss only.

Segmental Lean Analysis

See your muscle distribution throughout your body. Inbody 570 gives you a detailed snapshot of which areas to focus on and to get your best results. Get a clear picture of which exercises to focus on to achieve balance lean muscle gains.


Body Composition History

Your initial test is only the first step on your wellness journey. Once you have a baseline, we can monitor and track your changes over time to really be able to quantify your results through inbody analysis!